iTrade Crypto Academy

Welcome to iTrade Crypto Academy where your Cryptocurrency journey begins. We here at iTrade Crypto Academy are delighted to have you and will work hard to teach you the basic skills you will need to be successful in the Cryptocurrency trading market space. Together we will LEARN and EARN as we guide you through numerous Cryptocurrency modules, some which will include Basic Crypto Education, Trading Plans and Data, Price Points, Poloniex Platform (Buy/Sell Orders), and much more. We understand that most of our students have a learning curve when it comes to this technology. This is why iTrade Crypto Academy is by far the best entry level training you will get online. We look forward to working with you and helping you become proficient and successful with the skills you will obtain at iTrade Crypto Academy. Below is what we will cover for the membership you purchased along with pricing. Again thank you for choosing iTrade Crypto Academy and LET’S GET SOME CRYPTO!!!!

iTrade Crypto Academy Basic Course

  • Access to All VIP Member Content
  • Basic Crypto Education
  • Poloniex Platform / Buy-Sell Trade Orders
  • LIVE One-on-One Training
  • Trading Plan / Data
  • Coin Market Cap
  • Price Points
  • Basic and Intermediate Chart Reading
  • Webinars and Zoom Training
  • Fundamentals (Information based off of a certain coin
  •  Short and Long Term Coins
  • Portfolio Diversification